Want to watch the 2020 live trading videos of the screenshots below? Click here.

31st March, EURUSD Trade, 95 pips profit. Watch live video here:
25th March 2020 – EURUSD 0.7% loser. Although analysis was correct, market took my stop before it went higher. Live video here:
24th March 2020 – EURUSD trades today, -0.6% across three trades. Watch it here:
20th March 2020 – x2 Trades and x2 Losers on the EURUSD, watch the video here:
18th March 2020, Over £500 profit trading EURUSD short. Watch the live video here:
17th March 2020 – Over £1,000 banked trading EURUSD short in 4 hours. Watch live video here:
16th March 2020, EURUSD Breakeven after being up just over 59 points, watch live video here:
13th March 2020, £190.78 profit trading EURUSD short. Watch live video here:
11th March 2020, x2 trades on EURUSD, one loser and one winner = £249.29 profit. Watch video here:
10th March 2020, GBPUSD x2 trades. Watch here:
9th March 2020 – USDJPY stop outs:
6th March 2020 – GBPUSD Trade. Watch video here:
5th March 2020 – EURUSD Trade. Watch it here:
4th March 2020, EURUSD. Watch the video here:
3rd March 2020, GBPUSD stop out. Watch video here:
19th Feb 2020, GBPUSD, £503.91 Profit:
12th-13th Feb 2020, GBPUSD:
6th Feb 2020, EURUSD, £172.69 PROFIT:
5th Feb 2020 – EURUSD trade
4th Feb 2020, EURUSD
31st Jan 2020 – EURUSD.
28th – 29th Jan, USDJPY:
22nd July 2020 – EURUSD breakeven. Watch video here:
21st Jan 2020 – EURUSD Small loss.
15th – 16th Jan 2020 EURUSD
14th Jan 2020
7th – 8th Jan 2020