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Below are the three products we provide. If you have any questions, please contact us. You can order directly by clicking the “Buy Now” button provided via PayPal. Once your order has been received, you will be provided with the material automatically via an email invitation to our Google Drive folder. 

(Product 1) LIVE FOREX TRADING SIGNALS & TRADING SOFTWARE LAYOUT – £180.00 for lifetime access. 

WHAT DO YOU RECEIVE? Watch the video below:

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Will you include the lot sizes in the emails? 

Answer: Yes. 


Question: How quickly will I need to act upon receiving the signal? 

Answer: We don’t trade news here and our trades tend to pullback to our entry price within the first hour in any case. It’s very rare that we find a trade that shoots higher or pushes lower straight away. Generally speaking, you need to make sure you can do something about it within the first 30 minutes of receiving a market execution email. When receiving an order email, it can take up to 2 hours to be filled so there’s plenty of time for you. 


Question: What time do you start sending out the signals?

Answer: From 8am UK time all the way up until 22:00 UK time. It’s important to note that I will only provide an email when I am trading – I do not place a trade for the sake of trading. It’s about staying patient and keeping your discipline in alignment with mine. 


Question: How many signals do you send out per week?

Answer: Once again, it’s about trading when probability is in your favour – not trying to take every opportunity that we see. Generally speaking, I trade between 3 – 5 times per week. 



WHAT DO YOU RECEIVE? Watch the video below:


Forget everything you’ve learned already about ‘price action trading’- this is the exact strategy that we implement during our live trade videos. It’s a combination of understanding what’s going on as far as news flow is concerned, selecting the right trade and then using our proprietary entry and exit levels to get in and out of the position.

This training package includes over 3.5 hours of live video training, a 30 page training manual, strategy indicators that we apply for precision entries, our exact software layout for Windows or Macs, plus information teaching you how we analyse fundamentals and trade sentiment in the market.

You will also receive lifetime access to our ‘Daily Market Commentary Videos’. These are provided via Google Drive every morning (before 7:45am UK time). We go over the trading day, discuss the intraday price action and the closing price action to identify trading opportunities for the next trading session(s). Our trading positions are discussed throughout these commentaries as well.

Below is a short playlist of clips from our price action education. We’ve filmed it in a very ‘me to you’ way, which creates the feel of ‘one to one’ learning.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is there any major difference with this course compared to your older material? 

Answer: Yes, a big one. Our emphasis before was heavily on proprietary, intraday trading. However, the markets have changed significantly since then and we have adapted as well. As a result, we created this package that suits all styles of traders – whether you prefer to day trade or simply place your orders and walk away in the evening. The understanding of what’s going on is a must if you want to succeed in current conditions. 


Question: Software included?

Answer: Yes, for both Mac and PC. 


Question: Is this course suitable for complete beginners?

Answer: Yes, this course will take you from the very beginning of FX trading to the advance methods of our analysis and strategy implementation. 


Question: Is this strategy suitable for end of day/swing trading or intraday trading? 

Answer: It can be used for both longer term and shorter term trade ideas. 


Question: Do you discuss your trade ideas/current trades in your Daily Commentary Videos? 

Answer: Yes. 


Question: How many trade ideas do you find per week?

Answer: On average, we typically trade twice per week. 


Question: When can I watch the daily commentary videos? 

Answer: Videos are recorded every morning on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. They are available in the shared folder for you to view once uploaded by 7:45am. 


Question: Can I download the videos and watch them later?

Answer: Yes, the videos are stored in there for 7 days and then wiped on Sunday ready for the next trading week. However, you can download them to your device and keep them forever if you wish. 


Question: Do you discuss your trading ideas?

Answer: Yes, we specifically state which currency pair(s) we will be focusing on buying/selling that day. We explain where your stop loss needs to be placed, where your entry should be and the price you need to target. In addition, we also tell you currency pairs to stay away from if the sentiment is mixed. 


Question: Do you provide live signals in these videos?

Answer: If there is a trade setup whilst we are recording, yes – we will enter it live. However, most of the time it’s clear what currency pairs we will be trading on the  day and the stop losses and limits are explained to you. If you’re a client of our Signals program, you’ll receive them separately in real time. 



£250.00 for lifetime access. 

For those of you who want to receive everything that we offer at the most competitive price, this is the product to choose. You will have access to the entire Trading Course material, lifetime access to the Daily Market Commentary and lifetime access to our Trading Signals. Save 26.47% if you choose Product 3 instead of buying the other Products separately. 


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