Forex-e-Learn was set up in late 2013 for one reason; we felt that educators in this sector lacked the most important element of teaching – actually showing their clients how to trade profitably on a regular basis. From day one, we have recorded every trade live, uploaded them to YouTube and published all trading results on our website for the utmost transparency. It’s for this reason alone that we believe Forex-e-Learn is an online trading educator like no other.

We trade with a sentiment driven bias – this is not just technical analysis. Our strategy’s core is about understanding the current economic environment,  having a view and then using technicals to time the entry. Everything that we do is about transparency and integrity; by recording when we take a position live all the way up until we’ve closed it shows you the thought process and approach behind the results. We have a track record going back over 6 years listing the net performance of individual trades and we’ve worked very hard to constantly promote and show our methods in action. We strongly believe that our Trade Notifications, Sentiment Education alongside our Trade Wrap Videos will significantly help you improve your performance. 

Please Note: This is not a get rich quick scheme. There is no system or secret to profitable trading. Our strategy and approach is very methodical and is based on common sense with good risk management. If you have any questions – contact us.

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