What We Do:

  • We record and publish our trades live to show you how we implement our trading approach on a regular basis.
  • We provide you with our exact trade ideas,  strategy plays and sentiment analysis each morning before 7:30am – entries, stops and targets discussed.
  • We deliver proven education to Clients who want to learn our sentiment analysis and trading strategy.

We have two main goals:

1. If You’re A Client, our goal is to teach you our methods and improve your net performance – whether you’re a complete beginner or an experienced trader.

2. If You’re Not a Client, our goal is to prove to you that our approach works over the long term so that you’ll become a Client.

Our aim is to deliver the highest level of Client satisfaction by constantly providing quality analysis (fundamental and technical) with live trade examples on a frequent basis. In our experience, the best way to learn is to understand our approach, watch us implement it regularly and start doing it yourself.

Since 2013, we’ve grown through Client referrals and have established a loyal following of our live trade videos. The company was set up because we felt that educators within this sector lacked the most important element of teaching – actually showing their clients how to trade live on a frequent basis. It’s for this reason that we believe we’re an online trading company like no other.

No fancy marketing or exuberant sales pitches, real results separate us from the competition.

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